Friday, July 11, 2014

Character Interview with Remi & Joss

Help celebrate Moonrise Book Blog's one year anniversary! Say hello to two ladies of Dove Creek, Remington Hart and Jocelyn Benton. Remi is the main character in the Dove Creek Chronicles, and Joss is one of her closest friends and allies. Eavesdrop on a little of their “girl talk” as they ask each other questions from a list they found in a magazine. 

Joss: “What’s your greatest indulgence? Besides sci-fi movies, because we all know that.”
Remi: “Besides sci-fi movies? Red Draws, of course.”

Joss: “Yup, thought so. Still don’t know how you drink ‘em, though.”

Remi: “There’s just something about ice cold beer and tomato juice in the summer. They slip right down when it starts to feel like somebody lit the fires of Hell in our back yard.”

Joss: “I’d still rather have a strawberry margarita any day.”

Remi: “Okay, here’s a good one. What traits do you find important in a friend?”

Joss: “Oh, you know, the biggies . . . Loyalty, honesty, a willingness to let me overhaul your hair, make-up, and wardrobe.”

Remi: “So, me.”

Joss: “You’re a quick one. The Force is strong with you.”

Remi: “Be still my heart.”

Joss: “Your turn. What’s your most notable characteristic?”

Remi: “I’m stubborn.”

Joss: “Lady, that’s a disturbing understatement. You’re downright bull-headed.”

Remi: “Moo.”

Remi: “What’s your most meaningful possession?”

Joss: “Your brother.”

Remi: “Ugh. No. Just, no.”

Joss: “Alright, alright. My car. It’s the first thing I bought for myself after my divorce, and it’s the first brand new car I’ve ever had.”

Joss: “Last one . . . What brings you the greatest happiness in life? And you’d better not say killing demons.”

Remi: “No, that just brings me satisfaction, not happiness.”

Joss: “So what does?”

Remi: “Well, it’s kinda related to killing demons, but... Being Amasai. Not because of what we do, but because of who we are. We’re a family.”

Joss: “Now don’t go getting sentimental on me.”

Remi: “What? You gonna get misty-eyed? ‘Cause I don’t have any tissues.”

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Monday, April 7, 2014

My Writing Process - Blog Hop

Today is my stop in the My Writing Process Blog Hop. Big thank you to the wonderful Sharon Kay, author of The Solsti Prophecy series, for inviting me to participate! Y’all can check out more about Sharon here.

We have four questions to answer about our projects and writing process, so here goes . . .

1.      What am I working on? Right now, I’m working on a couple of things. The first draft of Twice Dead, the second novel in the Dove Creek Chronicles is almoooooost finished. And! This is the first time I’m saying this out loud – I’m in the planning stages of a medieval fantasy series that I’ll begin very soon. I’ll have more details about that once I’ve locked in my plan. (:

2.      How does my work differ from others in its genre? I take traditional types of paranormal/supernatural beings and spin them in a whole new way. In Once Broken, I introduced some elements to vampire and werewolf lore that are unique to the series. Vampires are human bodies that harbor demons and werewolves are souls trying to earn their way out of Purgatory – the mythology is very much singular to the Dove Creek Chronicles.

3.      Why do I write what I do? That’s an easy one! I write what I would want to read. I write what entertains me because if I’m not enjoying it, the reader sure as heck won’t be.

4.      How does my writing process work? I’m a planner. When I start writing a novel, I zero in on the overall story first. Then, I fill in an outline of the scenes I want to include and in what order, but I make sure to leave plenty of wiggle room. I never want to plan so much that I suffocate the story. After I’ve outlined the book, I work up any new characters that will show up during the story and do any research I need to do. And then I start typing! It’s that simple and that difficult.

After much trial and error with Once Broken, I learned that planning saves me a lot of time. Since it’s rare that I get uninterrupted time to write, I have to stay organized so that I maximize what time I do have. And as a bonus, it seems to help keep the nasty writer’s block at bay. When I get stuck, I have my trusty outline and plenty of notes to refer to.


Thanks for joining me today! I hope you’ll stick around for more updates. ;D

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Once Broken on Kindle Countdown Deal

In honor of Spring being right around the corner (hopefully!), Once Broken is on a Kindle Countdown Deal from now through March 7. It's priced at $0.99 now and in just under three days, the price will go to $1.99, then back to the regular price of $2.99 at 6:00pm EST next Friday. You can find it here: Don't miss out on this steal of a deal! And as always . . . Happy reading!

Friday, February 28, 2014

A Sneak Peek of Twice Dead

I've been working hard on the second installment in the Dove Creek Chronicles, Twice Dead, and I feel like it's going really well! So, here's a sneak peek of what's in store. I cut it off so that it's spoiler-free if you haven't read Once Broken (really, what are you waiting for?!). Please keep in mind that this hasn't been through the editing process yet, and is subject to change. Hope y'all enjoy! Please be sure to let me know what you think!

I opened my eyes to find a familiar pair of silver ones peering back at me.

For a desperate moment, I was afraid because I couldn’t remember how I got there. Wherever there was.
I looked around. The place was featureless. The size was interminable. There could have been walls three feet on either side of me, or the space may have been infinite. It was an unsettling feeling. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but I felt like I had never before understood the true meaning of the phrase in limbo . . . Until right then.

It wasn’t too hot or too cold. The light wasn’t too bright, but it wasn’t so dim that I couldn’t see Jescha with ease. When my attention finally settled on the angel, I was surprised further.
She looked just as she had when I’d first seen her. Her wise, shimmery gaze still seemed to bore right into my very soul. Her fair hair had not a lock out of place and her simple, elegant clothing hung just as it should. Her skin still exuded the same luminescence that made her almost seem to glow.

But there was a difference now that couldn’t be missed: She had wings.
Not big, feathery wings like those usually depicted in paintings, but something closer to butterfly wings. They were outstretched behind her, impressive in their size. The same colors as the rest of her, they glimmered with silver and iridescence. They were sheer and filmy-looking, though something told me they weren’t as delicate as they looked.

“Remington?” The angel’s brow furrowed, as though I had caused her worry.
“Yes,” I answered. “Jescha, am I dreaming?”

“Yes. You are asleep, but I think you will find that this is very real.”
“Where are we?”

“Most would call this the Astral Plane. It is the place between living and death.”

“Realm of ghosts and spirits,” I said, an unbidden shiver buzzing just under my skin. “Why did you bring me here?”

“I am very far from you right now."

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Creative Visualization . . . Who Knew?

Alright, I know that to some, the concept of creative visualization may seem far-fetched. Trust me, I thought so, too. I probably sounded something like Charlie in Breaking Dawn when Bella tells him to picture her healthy, to which he says sardonically, “You want me to visualize?” Yeah, that was me. Skeptical.

I’d heard people talk about visualization before, and initially thought the whole idea sounded a little hokey. Then, I started working on Once Broken. Easily the biggest creative project I’ve ever tackled, the task was overwhelming in the beginning. But I took a step back and tried focusing on the end goal. What was an abstract idea began to take shape, and then I realized what I was doing . . . I had clumsily stumbled into using that hokey technique.

So, I put it to work. I visualized my overall goal: Finish the book. Easy enough, right? Then, I started to give my goal more detail: How I wanted to publish, how I wanted it to look, how I would feel when this monumental task was finished. On the days when I felt like I’d never be finished or when I just didn’t feel like writing, I’d whip out this handy little mental picture and keep plugging away.
Here’s why I think it works (at least why it did for me) . . . Picturing your ultimate target and giving it life is a huge positive in a sea of negative. You feel like you’ll never finish – or worse – maybe people will hate it when you do. Visualization is a positive activity that helps overcome those obstacles. Is visualization the key to success? No way. There’s also hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and many glasses of wine. But visualization is a useful tool to have in your arsenal.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go visualize making it onto the bestseller lists . . .

Monday, October 28, 2013

Goodreads Giveaway!

I'm hosting a Goodreads giveaway from now until November 22. Just in time to get a paperback edition of Once Broken to read over the Thanksgiving holiday! I'm giving away three copies to readers in the United States. Sign up today!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Last Teaser

Release day is upon us, and I can't tell you how excited I am about that! It has been time consuming and a ton of work, and there have been times when a Sam Adams Octoberfest was needed to keep me sane. But self-publishing is so much fun and is a learning experience like no other. I can now do things with a Word document that I never thought possible (thanks to some tutelage from my patient husband and lots of studying). :P So! Here's one last snippet that I want to share with y'all before Once Broken goes live. This is from the Prologue and helps provide a little insight to Remi's beginnings as a hunter. Enjoy!

The light from a pair of headlights came upon us as a car drove up the driveway and came to a stop behind the truck. I tried to stay on my feet, but wobbled and fell to my knees. Without a word, the werewolf – if that’s really what he was – gathered me up and carried me toward the car.

“Is she alright?” A man’s voice came from somewhere to my left. He had an accent that was familiar to me, that of a native Spanish speaker. His question was so full of concern, I wondered if I was supposed to know him somehow.

“Yes.” I felt the werewolf’s answer reverberate through his chest. Looking up at him, I saw him nod his head toward where Dominic had fallen. His lips were set in a grim line, saying so much without another word.

The other man drew a cross with his fingertips, head to chest and shoulder to shoulder. The reverence of the gesture put a tightness in my chest and brought tears to my eyes.
He walked to my husband’s body and looked for a moment before nodding his head. Coming back to us, he explained his decision.

“Listen closely. This will have to be reported to the police, and this is what we’re going to tell them . . .”
I tried to focus as the dark-haired man told me how to be secretive about what had just taken my husband’s life, but I was preoccupied by the horror of what I had seen.

Up until then, I had been content to accept the world around me at face value and never think twice about it, just like any other person. Of course I had seen creepy creature movies and read the legends woven in popular stories, but like almost everyone else, I believed the stories to be nothing more than mere fantasy. Entertainment.
Well, it sure as hell wasn’t entertaining anymore.